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Knowing Daniela

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 02/16/17

Getting to know Daniela is central to the story as it unfolds in Persia.  Daniela is the middle child, but she is the only girl!  Many of Daniela’s characteristics reflect our granddaughter’s characteristics when she was Daniela’s age.  Our granddaughter was the middle child with an older and younger brother. The family dynamic was a familiar one.  She, like Daniela, was the entertainer in the family.  A tender-hearted, sensitive and somewhat timid little girl would be the perfect personality for a little girl searching for courage.

How difficult was it for Daniela to journey to 450 BC Persia?  Imagine if you were Daniela what would you do or what would you think when you traveled back to 450 BC Persia?  Imagine entering the palace gates into a totally unfamiliar world, would you be brave enough?  Would you be just a little scared of the unknown?  What was Daniela really thinking?

Share any comments and thoughts about Daniela and what you think about her adventure.

Daniela Time Traveler

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 01/18/17

When Daniela finds herself in 450 BC Persia searching for Queen Esther an entirely new adventure awaited her, and for me for that matter.  Duane was such a big help with the historical descriptions of the winter palace at Susa, researching his library and locating for me an artist’s rendering of what it would have looked like after the archeological excavations were completed.  I find it amazing how archeology puts the past together for future use.   Many of the other descriptions of what Daniela saw in Susa were from my memories of traveling through different regions and visiting many archeological digs.

Duane has studied archeology for many years, has his field credentials and training, and has volunteered on a particular dig in Israel several times. 

Thank you, Duane, for all your valuable help and encouragement!

About Daniela

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 12/22/16

As I began writing Daniela’s story God continued to impress upon me this story is as much about the little girl as it is about her adventure.  Daniela’s birthday party is a window into her family, their experiences together, their interactions and their relationships to one another.  Most of the stories and experiences in Chapter 3 are based on actual events in our granddaughter’s life.

In Chapter 4 the enthusiastic, somewhat dramatic, yet tender-hearted Daniela is also a reflection of our granddaughter when she was that age.  The drama and imagination of Daniela and our granddaughter were the starting point to launch Daniela into Persia to search for Queen Esther.  The next hurdle was what exactly do I use to accomplish my goal.  God gave me the foot path idea, which fit perfectly with the Bible Daniela’s grandparents gave her for her birthday. 

Then I began to search for the right picture, one I could use.  My close friend, Pat Borge, is a very talented photographer with a great eye for “interesting.”  She graciously gifted the picture of the footpath to my book endeavor.  Without the footpath, Daniela would not have gotten to Persia and would not have found Queen Esther, or courage, or learned any valuable life lessons! 

A heartfelt “thank you” to Pat for her talents and time bringing Daniela to a reality.  Pat creates personalized videos from photographs for commercial and personal sue.  She specializes in landscapes, flora and fauna.  If you want videos from pictures taken on your memorable vacations, her work is outstanding!  Pat can be contacted for photographic services by email at azjeepers2@gmail.com.


Foot Path

Proverbs 3:5-6



Daniela's story continues.

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 12/07/16

Continuing the story of Daniela:  With God’s inspiration the story of Daniela began unfolding.  As the character, Daniela, developed, it became clear she could and should be any little girl, any nationality, any ethnic heritage. God as no favorites and makes no distinctions.  In keeping with that idea, I was presented with the problem of cover art for the book.  I was offered pages and pages of cover art to choose from by the publisher.  Nothing worked!  All the artwork available had faces!

My dilemma was resolved when a dear friend, Janet Setterland, who is a wonderful artist and specializes in portraits, offered to paint the cover art, without faces.  This was a gift from God.  Janet and I worked together on ideas for cover art without faces, but the art work, the design, the eye appeal, colors all come from God’s special touch upon her.  The cover is special in many ways, one is that it is a piece of original art for those who have the book.

Thank you, Janet, for your gift to Daniela.  Janet’s art can be seen on her website www.janetsetterlandfineart.com or contact her at jsetterland@gmail.com.

More of Daniela’s story is yet to come!

Daniela's Story

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 11/25/16

Hello readers, welcome to my blog.  The reason I am writing about Daniela’s story is because I think it is as important as the story itself. Daniela was not a fantasy, not an idea put on paper and not something born of the imagination.  Daniela is a story a message given by God in a most unusual way.

I was quite ill, running a temperature, chills, everything that would cause someone to be up in the middle of a cold winter night to search for some Tylenol.  It was 1:00 a.m. when I finally found my way back to a warm bed, trying to drift off to sleep again, when God clearly spoke to my mind. “You’re going to write a book.”  My immediate response was short, “I can’t write a book, I am too sick.”  With that God said, as clearly as could be without audibly shouting, "You will write a book and this is what it will be.”

Following that declaration God related who my main character would be, what her name would be, what the content would be, what book of the Bible I was to use, which was Esther, and what would be the lessons learned.  Then just as clearly, God revealed I was to write a book for boys, as boys would not read “girl’s” books, the main character, his name, three Bible books to choose from and what lessons were to be learned.

 My response to God was, “God, you will have to help me remember all you’ve told me because I’m too sick and it’s too cold for me to get up and write all this down.  After three hours of wrestling with God about His direction I finally fell asleep.

The next day I recounted to my husband, Duane, what had happened, just as thought I was reading it from a script, and asked him, “What do you think?”  Duane’s response was, “If God told you to do it you had better get busy.”  With that the story of Daniela began.

I do not believe I am anyone special for God’s revelation.  I believe God can and does speak to and reveal His will to everyone.  I’m not sure everyone wants to hear from God or for whatever reason does not step out in faith when God leads them.

This is a special story because it is God’s message to children; I was just privileged to be the messenger.