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by Kathryn S. Patterson on 06/13/17

Daniela had several lessons to learn from her experience with Queen Esther and living in the palace and serving under the first maid servant to the queen.  Each day was something new for Daniela.  The lesson on loyalty came from both Queen Esther and the first maid servant to the queen.  Queen Esther displayed her loyalty to her people when she stood before the king and spoke on behalf of the Jewish people even at her own risk.

Loyalty has many different uses depending on the circumstances.  Loyalty can mean being faithful to your oath or obligation, or loyal to a vow or promise.  Loyalty can also mean being faithful to a person or something deserving fidelity, as in a loyal friend.  Loyalty can also be seen in the character of a person showing faithfulness as in one’s conduct.

The first maid servant to the queen, whom Daniela served under, showed Daniela loyalty in many ways.  One important way was her loyalty to the queen.  She was faithful always in her conduct and respect for Queen Esther.  No doubt the first maid servant had taken an oath to serve the queen, and keeping the oath by her attitude and conduct was an outward sign of her loyalty to the queen.

Ask yourself:  Where do I show my loyalty?


by Kathryn S. Patterson on 05/08/17

The word “courage” has many different uses depending on the context in which it is used.  Queen Esther’s courage was in the context of defending what she believed was the right thing to do and standing firm against what she believed was wrong, harmful, even deadly.

Queen Esther was acting on her conviction, or belief that an action by Haman would be devastating, harmful, wrong, and even deadly to the Jewish people.  Queen Esther’s action before the king was an expression of the courage of her conviction, what she believed to be right.  It was a boldness, a fearlessness and determination, even with a cost involved, to stand for what she knew and believed to be right.  It was the lesson Queen Esther wanted to share with Daniela.

Courage is valiance, having valor, not lack of daring or faint-heartedness; courage is self-confidence, fearlessness, boldness, not fearful and boasting.  Courage is taking leadership not leading from behind.

Just as Queen Esther told Daniela, everyone has courage even if it is hidden; they may not know they have courage, unless they are tested.  Don’t be afraid to be tested!


Daniela Searching for Courage

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 04/25/17

Daniela finds herself in an unfamiliar place, in surroundings she has never seen before and no one she knows.  A little sliver of fear sets in!  What to do and where to go!  The next few minutes are critical in decision making for Daniela.  What should she do?  Which way should she go?  What do you think?

Imagine this ten-year little girl and these big decisions!  Making right decisions takes courage but Daniela didn’t know what courage really was and she had not found anything that looked like courage yet.  Each step Daniela takes as she begin this journey will require some measure of courage.  Where would that courage come from?  How would she get that courage?  As Daniela’s adventure unfolds see how she learns what courage is and what it means to her!  Share your thoughts about her adventure.  What do you think courage is?

Daniela in 450 B.C. Persia

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 03/19/17

The obstacles facing Daniela were much bigger than we can imagine.  Think about the language barrier!  How did she overcome the language barrier?  What did she do to understand people in another time and place, 2,500 years ago? 

Daniela also had a clothing problem!  The way everyone dressed in 450 BC Persia was nothing that Daniela was familiar with.  Her clothes were very different from everyone else’s clothing.  Nothing was familiar to Daniela.  However, on the other hand, think about what the others thought of how Daniela was dressed!  Her clothes were very different than theirs.   Would you think the clothing difference would be important to anyone?  Do you think they even noticed the clothing difference? 

Clothing worn at different times can define a culture and society within history.  Keeping this in mind it is good to have a look around our present clothing culture and try to imagine what one would think about our popular clothing trends, in a distant future time.   What do you think?

Knowing Daniela

by Kathryn S. Patterson on 02/16/17

Getting to know Daniela is central to the story as it unfolds in Persia.  Daniela is the middle child, but she is the only girl!  Many of Daniela’s characteristics reflect our granddaughter’s characteristics when she was Daniela’s age.  Our granddaughter was the middle child with an older and younger brother. The family dynamic was a familiar one.  She, like Daniela, was the entertainer in the family.  A tender-hearted, sensitive and somewhat timid little girl would be the perfect personality for a little girl searching for courage.

How difficult was it for Daniela to journey to 450 BC Persia?  Imagine if you were Daniela what would you do or what would you think when you traveled back to 450 BC Persia?  Imagine entering the palace gates into a totally unfamiliar world, would you be brave enough?  Would you be just a little scared of the unknown?  What was Daniela really thinking?

Share any comments and thoughts about Daniela and what you think about her adventure.